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Battlefield Heroes' Cartoon Lunacy

I thought Battlefield Heroes already had maps set on the moon. It seems like the kind of zany adventure the warring cartoons would be keen to partake in but it turns out this is their first time off-planet. There have been robots, festive firefights, halloween horrors and plenty of other additions deserving of the descriptors 'oddball' and 'wacky'. And now it's the turn of the moon to have colourful men bunny hopping all over its face. All is explained in the videofilm below.

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Whisper it, but I actually quite enjoyed that. Mostly the bits before the shooting started, to be sure, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It may be the most obvious gag imaginable, but the flag is an amusing trigger, and the red and blue rockets are quite majestic soaring across the void.

The actual content seems slight compared to the grandeur of the announcement. One new map with moon gravity, and some new weapons and costumes. The kosmonaut and astronaut sets are currently on sale for 6,999 points, which means you'd have to spend £7.99 for 12,000 points to seal yourself inside one of those skintight numbers. However, it's probably a functioning toilet as well as a garment so there is that.

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