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Portal 2 DLC Arrives, But You Can't Have It

(Well, not unless you spend $140 on a new controller). This is all a bit odd, and slightly infuriating too. Remember Razer's Hydra motion controller for PC, and how it was going to have a special version of Portal 2 created for it? Well, that's happened. The wavy-wandy gamepaddy, PS Move-y er...thing is now being sold via Steam in the US, for the utterly absurd price of $140. $140! You could buy multiple Moves for that. However, it also includes access to 10-level Portal 2 DLC designed specifically for its six-way air-gesturing.

This first expansion pack sounds pretty ambitious, involving as it does Portal rotation and, most excitingly, object rescaling: "Resize custom weighted cubes to harness their size and mass properties to crush turrets, bridge gaps, and solve puzzles in a new and exciting way."


Irritatingly, there doesn't appear to be a way to get hold of this pack (or the controller) in the UK, and apparently most of it is only playable if you have a Hydra. Have any USers or IP fudgers been able to grab it at all?

I don't doubt, however, that someone will crack open and share those new maps with us. I find it hard to imagine a mouse couldn't achieve the kind of precision Razer claim Hydra can do, but then I haven't tried one so I could well be as wrong as Ian McWrong, who was born on the first of Wrong Nineteen-Wrongety-Wrong.

The DLC was apparently developed by 'Sixense Studios' rather than Valve, but hell, it's still the first Portal 2 DLC (other than those robo-hats). I'm quite sure it's not the aforementioned, Valve-made and free-to-all DLC, though. That would never be released with no song and dance like this.

If you want to buy the Hydra via Steam, this link lets you do it - but you'll get an error page if you're not an American.

Also: when did Steam become a hardware store too? (Edit: oh, OK, yonks ago).

Edit 2: Here's the controller in Europe, for an also-monstrous 140 Euros, but reportedly with the DLC. (Thanks, Nathan).

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