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Portal 2 update lifts Steam Workshop file size restrictions

Now you're thinking with more portals

Portal 2 has some of the best editor tools Valve ever made, and the game's community has responded by using those tools to create ten years of regular new puzzle rooms and mods. Now a small update to Portal 2 has made a big change, lifting the 100MB file size limit on uploads to Portal 2's Steam Workshop.

The rest of the update is mostly bug fixes, fixing issues with the Model Viewer and Face Poser not opening, and demo playback not working for Workshop maps, among others.

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But lifting the file size limit is a good thing. Portal 2 has received a bunch of substantial mods over the years, including last month's Portal Reloaded, which added a time travel portal (!) and 25 new puzzles. I am up for anything which encourages mod makers to increase their ambitions even further.

Portal 2 did cool things with even simple user-created maps, too, letting you play them via the Perpetual Testing Initiative. The PTI is a mode which strings user-created maps you select together into a seamless experience, with dialogue from character Cave Johnson laid dynamically on top. I wish more games put that kind of effort into encouraging people not just to make cool stuff, but also encouraging others to play the cool stuff.

I've had Portal 2 on the brain since the game turned ten last month and Craig wrote this article with a bunch of trivia about the game.

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