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Ultimate Audio Bang #24: our pick of the best FPS guns that aren't guns

Some rogue choices and big tangents

On this week's episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang, we select a few of our favourite non-traditional guns that aren't really guns. You know, the sorts of weapons that don't just spew bullets but generate portals or even clean filth off car bonnets. What really happens is we go off on a massive tangent about Deathloop, because we can't help ourselves.

Alright, so some of our weird gun picks are iffy, but they stimulate some good words from our mouths, so that's our excuse. And apologies to anyone who adored Deathloop as we critique it quite heavily, despite being big Arkane fans.

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And to round off the pod, we talk a bit about the games we're playing right now. I'm not really playing a huge amount right now, but instead watching true crime documentaries. Namely Making A Murderer (which I know I'm very late to), following on from my binge of The Staircase. Hayden's gunning for a bit of Cult Of The Lamb, which Ollie gave a Bestest Best badge in his Cult Of The Lamb review.

Thanks as always for listening and stay tuned for our next episode which'll take on all things Gamescom...

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