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Rolling With It: QuadSmash

How would you like a game that's a crunchy blend of Super Meat Boy and 1999 physics pioneer Rollcage, developed by a team of indie devs operating out of Strasbourg, France? How would you like it to have single-screen multiplayer, so you can trash-talk your friends while they're sitting right there? How would you like it if it was called QuadSmash, and there was a demo, and there was a trailer after the jump? Happy Thursday, noble reader.

Here's the gist of it-

QuadSmash is a frantic arcade game with a strong multiplayer orientation.

Players control crazy-fast vehicles battling against each other in epic matchups. Your vehicle can ride upside down and emit shockwaves, it has an energy grapple and a powerful dash to smash the ground. The main game mode, and the most enjoyable, is called “Smashball”. It’s a ball game in which each team must score in the opponent's goal. There is also a Deathmatch mode (actually a “last one standing”) for more destruction-oriented games.

QuadSmash also features a full single-player campaign.

That wasn't, however, something I'd read before watching the footage below, making it my absolute favourite kind of trailer- the kind that shows off something so new and inventive that it takes me ages to figure out what the game is. 30 seconds, in this case. And what a great 30 seconds they were. I'll be taking a closer look at this later in the month, but you guys should definitely take a look and tell me just how highly I should prioritise it.

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