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Hackers Lulzsec Take Eve & Minecraft Offline

Update 2: League of Legends is the latest target. Its login servers are currently down, with its website also apparently suffering.

Update 1: Notch has told us that "Looks like we're back up.. I just hope it lasts!"

Following yesterday's Bethesda incursion, and earlier attacks on the likes of Sony and Nintendo, hacker collective Lulzsec have targeted further games and gaming services today. Over the last couple of hours, they've taken out first Eve Online and then Minecraft's login servers, as well as knocking out gaming site The Escapist.

This seems to have stemmed from Lulzsec's open call for target suggestions on Twitter earlier today, which itself followed their takedown of The Escapist in response to negative comments threads about them there.

Both games are offline for the time being (edit- Minecraft appears to be working again for now). Minecraft's site is still up as I write, but Eve's is not. CCP have confirmed that "EVE Online and related services are currently offline, to return ASAP after investigation of some issues." The prevailing sentiment has it that these are DDoS attacks, which may mean the games can come back online relatively soon.

Lulzsec are referring to this on Twitter as 'TitanticTakeoverTuesday' and claim they're still going through requests - so one can only presume this is not over yet.

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