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Lady Shepard To Feature In ME3 Marketing

Strong news! Hot on the heels of the announcement that Mass Effect 3 will boast the series' first optional male-on-male "romance", RPS reader Daniel Żak writes in to point us torwards some tweets from Bioware marketing director David Silverman in which he reveals that not only are Bioware working on a trailer showing female Shepard, but she'll feature on the box of the Collector's Edition, which will show male and female Shepards on either side.

It sounds like the buff, tough, buzzcut-sporting, all-that-is-man male Shepard as the series' figurehead, but this is still a step away from a deeply male-centric way of selling games, so hooray for that. A fan-made video of lady shepard doing what she does best follows...

In my game of Mass Effect 2 I oscillated between Paragon and Renegade options depending on the situation, resulting in a Shepard who stayed icy professional most of the time and but occasionally lost her shit. I liked her a lot.

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