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Ghost In The Machine: Dead Cyborg

Apparently not someone to take the easy way out, the one-man army of Endre Barath is about ready to release the first episode of Dead Cyborg, a self-described "oldskool sci-fi adventure game". Which somewhat underplays it, as it's actually a text-based point-and-click adventure first-person puzzler.


No, really. Here's the trailer:

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"A text based adventure game with free 3D moving," then, which sounds like an update of how the peculiar classic Starship Titanic did things. Dead Cyborg however appears to be skirting the problem of implementing text based adventuring into a world that includes spacial dimensions by way of pointing and clicking, and it would be pleasant to see proper inventory-combination puzzles from this viewpoint. Even so, Barath hasn't explicitly explained how it's all going to work, and that trailer does a very good job of mostly looking at walls and not the more useful world interaction. Still, judging by the FAQ, he does seem to be one of those who gets it:

What about the game mechanism?
The gameplay is very simple. You can move, take items and use them. You can examine a lot of things.

Of course, that trailer also says "no action, no fear, just adventure," while revolving around a mutant cyborg baby man whose body it looks like you're going to inhabit, which sounds like a pretty action-filled time full of fear to me. As in, "Oh god, oh god, oh god, what am I doing in this body, I'm so afraid, oh god". Anyway, it's also going to be free to download, supported by donations, and according to the Twitter feed, the English translation is done and release of the first episode is around two weeks off. I'll be interested to see how this one turns out.

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