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Spotlight On Biscuit - Jamestown

I was cheering excitedly about beautiful indie shmup Jamestown last week, and the title's tagline of "Mars is waiting! Bring your friends!" must be the finest piece of video game marketing of the last ten years.

But a philosopher once said that a video speaks a thousand words, so here's games commenter Total Biscuit talking you through the game in an even more agitable manner than usual. I'm serious- if you watch up to him reaching the first boss you will hear the actual sound of a man having a nervous breakdown.

On the subject of biscuits, this weekend I had a bit of a biscuit epiphany. It is as follows:

Expensive biscuits- you know, those posh biscuits that almost certainly have caligraphy on the box/bag. They're crap, aren't they? I mean, what are you paying for? Some friends of ours brought over a bag of fancy biscuits in a mad panic over the weekend and they were just so underwhelming. You show me a man who says they've discovered a posh biscuit to rival the chocolate hobnob, and I'll show you a liar. A greedy liar who talks about biscuits all the time. And what kind of a man is that? Go away, greedy liar.

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