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Bros No He Didn't: SMB3 V2.0 Is Coming

RPS hasn't posted about the fan remake of Super Mario Bros. 3 before, and I'm not sure whether that's because of this project's hazy legality or simply because that particular moustachioed protagonist has a way of seeming like the antithesis of the PC. Well, shucks. I'm posting about it now. In a roundabout way, this is the kind of project that makes the PC great.

If there can be such a thing, Super Mario Bros. 3 is considered the classiest of Mario games; a kind of connoisseur's choice. As such, Nintendo fans have been saying for years that it should be ported to the DS, DSi or 3DS (it having been already ported to the GBA and the Wii's Virtual Console). One such fan by the handle SKJmin has, however, taken a more proactive step.

Back in November of last year SKJmin released his labour of love- a downloadable patch for the New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo DS rom that turned the game into a painstaking recreation of Super Mario Bros. 3, saddling the old classic in the new game's modern engine. So long as you own a New Super Mario Bros. cartridge then you are, apparently, within your rights to download SKJmin's work, acquire a rom of New Super Mario Bros., get yourself an emulator and have a good time.

The reason I'm posting about this today is that I've just heard via Joystiq that tomorrow SKJmin will be released version 2.0 of the rom, making it even prettier. Cue the trailers!

Here's the trailer for his original update, v1.0.

Cover image for YouTube video

...and here's the trailer for the update.

Cover image for YouTube video

Presumably if we have any hardcore Super Mario 3 fans in the audience, they've already played this. And if so: impressions?

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