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What About Bob? Deus Ex 3 Looks Backwards

There's a new trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution out - hardly a rare occurrence in and of itself, but this one is especially notable in that seems to have crammed in a few quiet nods to DX1. Until now, DXHR has stood relatively apart from its great forefather, but now all of sudden we hear mention of FEMA and... wait, who's that sinister-looking chap at 1:24 and 2:09?

The character isn't named and appears only in the briefest of unacknowledged flashes, but that circuitry on his forehead, that cruel glint in his eye - could it be DX1's mega-bad, old man Bob Page? (Oh, I will forever love that the key villain in one of the most revered video games of all time is called 'Bob'). See what you think:

And here's the rest of the trailer, which is the usual line in DXHR talk of apocalypse, destiny and conspiracy and pounding music forever building to a crescendo which doesn't come. Only two months to go until our post-millennial-game tension is resolved...

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