January 2014 Archive

    1. Wot I Think (Of The Open Beta): Hearthstone
    2. Dity Flashpoint Overlords In The Humble Codies Bundle
    3. Impressions: How To Fly A British Space Caravan Into Battle
    4. EverQuest Landmark Alpha Out Today, What To Expect
    5. Development And Support Continues At Funcom
    6. The Serafinowiczer: Dark Souls II Adds Brit Actor
    7. Telos Re-thinks The Competitive FPS, Adds Spidermechs
    8. All The Spaceships: Incredible (& Free) Star Swarm Demo
    9. World At War: Hearts Of Iron IV
    10. The Flare Path: Orientally Oriented
    11. Under The Sea: Seaquence Lets You Create Musical Fish
    12. King's Bounty Expandalone Expandanotalones
    13. Drag Racing: LocoCycle
    14. Fact: Fru Is The Best Idea
    15. Geeks And Groundhogs: Randal's Monday
    1. Week In Tech: Are SSDs Really Reliable?
    2. A Song Of High & Higher: Game Of Glens
    4. Color: A Browser Game About Headshotting Colours
    5. The RPS Verdict: Steam In-Home Streaming Beta
    6. EVE Online's Largest Battle To Be Marked By Ship Graveyard
    7. Scott Steinberg Joins Phoenix Online, Talks Business
    8. Hands-On: Warlock II – The Exiled
    9. A CryEngine RPG, Because Those Are Words People Like
    10. American McGee's Akaneiro Is "In The Hole" For $1.7m
    11. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is Doing Awfully Well
    12. Paper Sorcerer & Luxuria Suberbia Both Reach Steam
    13. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is A Pretty, Pretty Thing
    14. Superiority Complex: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    1. The Global Game Jam Mega-Stream
    2. The Saline Bandit: DayZ Diary – Part Four
    3. Entering Our Orbit: Apsis
    4. Call Back Later: Hotline Miami 2 Releasing Q3 2014
    5. Wot I Think - Might & Magic X: Legacy
    6. Shadowrun Returns Not Quite Returning Just Yet
    7. The Elder Scrolls Online Is Really Very Expensive
    8. Strike Vector Lands On Steam, All DLC To Be Free (!)
    9. Impressions: War Of The Vikings
    10. $300,000 Lost In EVE's Biggest Battle... Due To Unpaid Bill
    11. Funcom Charged Over Possible Financial Infringements
    12. Impressions: Serena
    13. GOG's Time Machine Sale Lets You CONTROL TIME ITSELF
    14. Three Minutes Of BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2
    15. Sound Shift Sets High-Speed Racing To Your Own Music
    16. Ready, Dataset, CS:GO: Valve Track Balance Of New Maps
    1. Cardboard Children - Hotel Tycoon
    2. Heads Up: Loading Human Is An Oculus Rift Adventure
    3. A Game And A Chat Ep 2: Jason Rohrer
    4. Broken Age Comes Out Today: Are You Going To Buy It?
    5. Playdek On Unsung Story, PC Ports, And DRM Concerns
    6. Braben's Space Head Talks About Elite Multiplayer
    7. Grimrock 2 Detailed: New Setting, AI, Progression, Day/Night
    8. Opening The Passage: CK II - Rajas Of India
    9. Impressions: Faif
    10. SOE's Next Game 'Dedicated' To Star Wars Galaxies Fans
    11. LoL Gets 27 Million Players A Day And Other BIG NUMBERS
    12. Starbound Wipes Out Character Wipes With Huge Update
    13. Keep Your Eyes On This: The Avegant Glyph
    14. Oh My God! A South Park: The Stick Of Truth Video
    1. The Saline Bandit: DayZ Diary – Part Three
    2. Gender Swap Is A Fascinating Use Of Oculus Rift (NSFW)
    3. I Very Much Roguelike The Humble Weekly Bundle
    4. Fight Club: Magicka: Wizard Wars Duel Mode Revealed
    5. Impressions: Cook, Serve, Delicious!
    6. Trading Places: Europa Universalis Expansion Announced
    7. No Money Down: Steam Lets You Cancel Pre-Orders
    8. DM From The AM To The PM In Dungeonforge
    9. State Of Play's KAMI Now On PC: Could Use A Hint
    10. You Nodes It: More Limit Theory Dev Diaries
    11. SOE Shuttering Vanguard, Free Realms, Wizardry, More
    12. Whale, It Was Nice Knowing You: Windforge Out In March
    13. Live Spy: Jazzpunk Live Action Trailer
    14. En-Dash Around Laser Obstacles In Hyphen
    1. Live Free Play Hard: You Will Die Alone At Sea
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Captain Astronaut Unites Monkey Island... StarCraft?
    2. Prepare For Liftoff: Firefall Gets $23 Million, Not Doomed
    3. Come In: Kingdom Come Will Be 'Very Open' To Modding
    1. The Saline Bandit: DayZ Diary – Part Two
    2. Walter Peck Couldn't Stop It: GhostControl Inc. Demo
    3. Leap Of Faith: Mirror's Edge Meets Jet Set Radio In Hover
    4. Mass Affect: BioWare On Why It Won't Give Up Romances
    5. It Didn't Dragon: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Funded
    6. Huh: Alienware Steam Machines Can Be Upgraded After All
    7. Flash Developer Alleges King "Cloned" Their Game
    8. All Uplay-Enabled Ubisoft Games Blocked On BT Infinity
    9. The Flare Path: Longbowsprits
    10. Pure Delight: The Floor Is Jelly
    11. Paradox 'Dream RPG' Runemaster Looks Like Quite A Thing
    12. If You Like Golf, A New Videogame About Golf Is Coming Out
    13. A Dead Ringer: Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor
    14. Remember This: Anamnesis Uses Oculus Rift In Clever Ways
    1. Week in Tech: Sony Vaio Tap 11, Will It Game?
    2. The Future Of DayZ Isn't Hazy
    3. The Ignorance Of Crowds: Why Open Development Is Crap
    4. It Is Art: Tatecraft Wants To Bring The Tate Into Minecraft
    5. Good Cause, Old Games: Wing Commander II
    6. Avoid Strolls In The Elder Scrolls: New TESO Video
    7. Contintental Gift: PlanetSide 2 Roadmap Updated
    8. Rogue Footage Of Age Of Wonders III
    9. Klei On Invisible Inc's New Name, Difficulty, Release Plans
    10. New Video Details How Rain World Will Break Your Heart
    11. Black & White & Orange: The Mims Is The Cutest God Game
    12. Call Of Duty Ghosts Just Can't Stand Those Awful Women
    13. Action Henk Looks Like Mario, Moves Like Sonic
    14. Garrett The Goblin: Styx Got Its Fantasy RPG In My Thief
    1. The Candy Crush Banner Saga Saga: Stoic Speaks Up
    2. An Unexpected Journey: The Life And Dead Of DayZ's Chernarus
    3. Do Not Disappear Into Oblivion: New Skywind Trailer
    4. The Saline Bandit: DayZ Diary - Part One
    5. A Game And A Chat Ep 1: Tim Schafer
    6. Counter-Strike: GO's Operation Bravo Earns An Encore
    7. Mega-Impressions - Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    8. 50 More: Steam Greenlight Causes Another Game Pile-up
    9. StarCraft 2 Custom Maps Now Free For Anyone To Play
    10. Shots Fired, Strikes Countered: Insurgency Out Now
    11. Why Early Steam Machines Need To Be Upgradable
    12. Burning Down The House: Hearthstone Enters Open Beta
    13. Warhorse On Kingdom Come's Kickstarter, Episodic Plans
    14. Awwww: Storyteller Development Put On Hold
    15. King ARE Trying To Candy-Crush The Banner Saga
    16. Don't Mention It: Germany At War Demo
    1. Cardboard Children - Eldritch Horror
    2. Adapt Or Die (And Reload): Arma 3's 2nd Campaign Out Now
    3. The RPS Verdict: The Banner Saga
    4. Resi Evil 4 'Ultimate HD Edition' = Like A PC Game From 2007
    5. Kickstarter Pledges Are Risky Investments, Not Purchases
    6. C&C Renegade X Is Still Being Released On Its Release Date
    7. Caught In The: CrossFire Makes A Lot Of Money
    8. Seedlunky HD: Generate And Share Spelunky Levels
    9. Entwined In Folklore: The Domovoi
    10. Stealing 'Candy' From Babies: King Embrace The Aristocracy
    11. La-Mulana 2 Digs For Kickstarter Gold
    12. The Kingdoms Bundle Is Strategically Impressive
    13. Thrust For Life: Retrobooster
    14. Agent Of Angles: Catapult For Hire
    1. VASSAL: A Virtual Army of Conflict Sims In One Client
    2. The Segularity: Ryo Hazuki Added To Sonic All-Stars Racing
    3. Oh Happy Day(z): Project Zomboid Multiplayer On Its Way
    4. Space Strangers: Wayward Terran Frontier
    5. Rambo: The Video Game Boasts Of Its QTEs
    6. Into The Wild: DayZ Adds Berry Picking, Balances Stomachs
    7. Grim - Woolfe: The Red Riding Hood Diaries
    8. William's Cartel: Probably Archery's Multiplayer
    9. Shroud Of The Avatar's Raised Over $3 Million
    10. LD28 Winner One Take Still Great, Getting Full Version
    11. Rust Is Making Really Rather A Lot Of Money
    12. Alien: Isolation Screenshots Show More Clues
    13. Mob Rules: Okhlos Is Insane Ancient Greek Pikmin
    14. Thief System Specs Sneak Out, Don't Induce Fear
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Hail Gay Satan
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Still Hungry? - Don't Starve Expanding With Reign Of Giants
    2. Uproariously Glorious: Divinity Now On Early Access
    1. S.EXE: Ute by Lea Schönfelder (NSFW)
    2. Etherium Is An RTS, Like In The Old Days
    3. Impressions: Neo Scavenger
    4. Call Of Cthulhu Videogame - Call of Cthulhu: The Videogame
    5. Bohemia Rhapsody: Humble Bundle Offers Old Arma Games
    6. No, Says The Man In Hollywood: Axed BioShock Movie Art
    7. Impressions: Grim Dawn
    8. Rebuild It In A Day: Total War: Rome II Mod Tools Arrive
    9. The Flare Path: Shoots And Scoots
    10. Perfect(ly Not Safe) For Work: Dojo Of Death
    11. Loadout Bringing 44 Billion Guns Out Of Early Access
    12. Has-Been-Cognita: Klei's Next Now 'Invisible, Inc'
    13. Saints Row IV, COH 2 Get Free Weekend On Steam
    14. Valve Not Releasing VR Hardware, Giving Tech To Oculus
    1. Week in Tech: AMD's new single-chip console killer
    2. Father (Dis)Figure: Octodad - Dadliest Catch Out Jan 30th
    3. Super Ships & Wasted Worlds: Modding Starbound
    4. C-c-c-combo Trainer: Street Fighter IV Tool Teaches Timing
    5. Impressions: Next Car Game
    6. Indie Royale's Latest Features Hexcells & Gun Monkeys
    7. Rohrer Isn't Wrong About Sales, But He Also Isn't Right
    8. We're Keeping Graham: He's Our New Managing Editor
    9. IO's Open Letter: Hitman's Next Contracts
    10. Wot I Think: Broken Age
    11. Map Of The Dead: Project Zomboid Gets Level Editor
    12. Degenerating: Doctor Who - Worlds In Time Shutting Down
    13. See A 10,000-Ship Battle In Oxide's Insane New Engine
    14. No Danger Of No Man's Sky Delay Despite Office Flood
    15. About Face (Buttons): Steam Controller Overhauled
    16. Steam Dev Days: Steam At 75 Million, Greenlight Going Away
    1. Wot I Think: Nidhogg
    2. White Heat: White Night Is Beautifully Unnerving
    3. Wot I Think: TRIHAYWBFRFYH
    4. Wolf It Down: Wolf Among Us Ep 2 Hits First Week Of Feb
    5. Sadface: Sadwick To Return In The Whispered World 2
    6. A Game Sandwich: Concursion
    7. Ubisoft Launch: Ghost Recon Online Comes To Early Access
    8. From Curse To Hearse: Dark Souls II
    9. OpenMW Brings Morrowind To Cross-Platform Engine
    10. Final Fantasy Tactics Spiritual Successor Takes To KS
    11. Riot In The Street: Lead WoW Dev Becomes Lead LoL Dev
    12. Maxis: SimCity Offline Took 'Significant' Work To Create
    13. Pull Shapes: Dancewall Remix Wants To Judge Your Moves
    14. Pretty Kitty: Jerk Cat Sim Catlateral Damage Gets An Upgrade
    1. Cardboard Children - The Click
    2. Hands On: Broken Age
    3. Wot I Think: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    4. Steam In Your Eyes: Big Picture Now For VR Headsets
    5. Starbound Update Will Add Permadeath, Wipe Universe
    6. Who Are The Real Monsters In The Forest? (Probably You)
    7. Lovecats: Mew-Genics First Footage Shows Rutting Moggies
    8. Wot I Think: The Banner Saga
    9. A Rash Of Updates For Road Redemption
    10. Oh Goodness, Please Look At Rain World
    11. Begun, The Nidhoggening Has
    12. Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth More Than 50% Done
    13. Wasteland 2 To Receive 'Significant' Combat Improvements
    14. EverQuest And Vanguard Creator Announces Pantheon
    1. Impressions: Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod
    2. The Great Unknown: EU IV - Conquest Of Paradise
    3. RymdResa Is A Procedural "Space Poetry Adventure"
    4. The Last Phoenix Looks Like A Game I Want To Play
    5. Impressions: Namco High
    6. A Vague Impression: Alum Demo Available Now
    7. At Last! Maxis Are Adding An Offline Mode To SimCity
    8. I'm As Rad As Hell: Double Dragon - Neon
    9. Eyeballin' This: Turn-based Bar Fighting With Cute Animals
    10. Refried: Burrito Galaxy 64 Expands Taquito Tower
    11. Awesome Games Done Quick Raises More Than $1,000,000
    12. Thecatamites' Commercial Collection: 50 Short Games
    13. Marvel's Agents Of Shield Borrows From Mass Effect 3?!
    14. Rambo Is A (Beautifully Mulleted) MACHINE OF WAR
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Videogames Have The Right To Children
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Broken Age Pt 1 Launching Next Week For Backers
    2. Noir More Waiting: Jazzpunk Gets A Release Date
    3. Have A Slice: Torchlight II Carves Out A Free Weekend
    1. Valve Talks SteamOS And Diretide, Defends Communication
    2. Complimenti, Bella Atmosfera: Forgive Me
    3. Colonial, Colloquial: EU IV Conquest Of Paradise Interview
    4. Out Of Exile: Banished Releasing In February
    5. Wot I Think: Tales Of Maj'Eyal
    6. Finally: There Is A Witcher Boardgame
    7. Wot I Think: Long Live The Queen
    8. Fear Not: Energy Hook 'PS4/Vita First,' But Only On Console
    9. The Flare Path: Heads For The Hills
    10. Metal Gear Rising Unplayable Offline (Update: fixed)
    11. Resisting The Obvious Quotes: Mafia Devs Semi-Shut Down
    12. Permutation Racer Is A Free Game By My Boss's Friend
    13. Discontent Dismissed: Midwinter Remake Is Coming
    14. Video Horror: Ain't No Party Like A Glitchy SpyParty
    1. Week in Tech: CES Show Special
    2. Interface For Your Face: Valve Releasing VR SDK Soon
    3. Impressions: Secrets Of Raetikon
    4. Toki Tori Developer Lays Off Staff, Starts Company Again
    5. Why Are You So Terrible At EVERYTHING In A Sword Game?
    6. Infinite Crisis Introduces Poison Ivy, Fades From Memory
    7. All The Fun Of The Dare: Ludum Dare 28
    8. Bigger Isn't Better: Titanfall Matches Capped At 6v6
    9. Good Cause, Old Games: 1991's DOS Version Of HeroQuest
    10. Mere's Edge: Rhianna Pratchett Not Writing Mirror's Edge 2
    11. So Then, Why Should You Buy A Steam Machine?
    12. A Matter Of Perspective: Museum Of Simulation Technology
    13. Still Many, Many DayZ Until DayZ Enters Beta, Is Done
    14. First-Person Oddity: Get Even
    1. Gold In Them Hills: Skyrim In 2014
    2. Razer Announces Easy-To-Upgrade Project Christine
    3. Alien: Isolation Devs Talk Xenos, Horror & the Ripley Dynasty
    4. First Wargame: Red Dragon Teaser Trailer Makes Me Randy
    5. Give Me More Expressive Actions In Videogames, Please
    6. Humble Bundle X Offers 6 Games Wot Are Quite Good
    7. Why Valve Isn't Releasing Its Own Steam Machine... For Now
    8. The 2nd Annual Horace Awards For Forgotten IGF Entrants
    9. Watch Us Critique Valve's Steam Controller
    10. The Longest Walkthrough: 30 Minutes Of Dreamfall
    11. More R, Less V: Oculus Upgraded, Carmack Making Games
    12. Admission Quest: Valve Greenlights 50 More Games
    13. Top-Down Trial: Ring Runner Demo
    14. Guild Wars 2's Neverending Story So Far
    1. Cardboard Children - RAMPAGE!
    2. Impressions: Rust
    3. John Vs The Trees: Woodcutter Simulator 2013
    4. Stanley's Papers: IGF 2014 Finalists Revealed
    5. Evolve: What The Original Left 4 Dead Team Did Next
    6. Hands on – Alien: Isolation
    7. Alien Isolation: The First Trailer
    8. Valve Announce Steam Machines With Specs And Prices
    9. The Necromantic Era: Deadbreed
    10. The Spectacular 2014 Preview Spectacular – Part Three
    11. Should Have Sent An Accountant: Starbound Sells A Million
    12. Agent 40 Winks: Hitman Cancelled, Uncancelled
    13. Now Taking Calls: GhostControl Inc
    14. Seeping Asylum: Daylight
    15. Clint Hocking Leaves Valve, Newell Discusses Sequels
    1. I'm A Survivor: DayZ Standalone Thoughts
    2. Flipping Good News: KAMI Kaming To PC, Soon
    3. Wot I Think: Ballpoint Universe Infinite
    4. Hone Your Lovecraft: Eldritch Creator Spills Sales Figures
    5. 2013’s Grandest Strategy Game: Crusader Kings 2
    6. In The Name Of Love('s Next Game): Ladykiller In A Bind
    7. Star Control Reboot Is A Prequel, Includes Multiplayer
    8. The Spectacular 2014 Preview Spectacular – Part Two
    9. Memorable: (To The Moon) Holiday Special Minisode
    10. Unwritten: That Which Happened May Not Happen
    11. Consort With Consortium On January 8th
    12. Criterion Separation: Founders Quit Burnout Dev Studio
    13. The Best News Of 2014: Nidhogg Releases January 13th
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Live Free Play Hard: Porpentine's Top 10 of 2013
    1. Wot I Think: OMSI 2
    1. The Spectacular 2014 Preview Spectacular - Part One
    1. Happy New 2014 Readers!