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Who Are The Real Monsters In The Forest? (Probably You)

But the slick cannibals are jerks too

Let's put words to it: 2013 was the year of the roguelike; 2014 is the year of the survival game. Whether they're still in alpha or not, this feels like DayZ and Rust's moment, and there are a dozen games on the horizon hoping to get in on the fun. The Forest is one of them, putting a significantly different singleplayer horror spin on the foraging formula.

In an interview with Eurogamer, with Endnight Games' creative director Ben Falcone, laid out some details of the game's story and NPC AI.

Unlike its open-ended survival kin, The Forest will have an ending, albeit an optional one. There are no fixed missions, meaning that it'll be up to players to work out how to pursue progress and 'finish' the game.

Falcone also talks about the lengths they're going to in order to make the grey, slick, cannibal enemies complex, telling Eurogamer that they'll call for help, attempt to protect one another, and grieve when one of them gets killed. By you. "You've invaded their forest, you're murdering them, you're chopping down all their trees," says Falcone. "Maybe they're just trying to survive in this forest. Maybe you're the bad guy. So we try to make it emotional when you kill one of them and have them care. They're not all bad, even if they are trying to eat you."

Who is the real pale slick cannibal here? Is it the pale slick cannibals trying to eat you, or is it you, the plane crash victim who keeps caving their heads in with giant rocks? Here's an idea: maybe you're all jerks.

The Forest's two very fine trailers saw it quickly greenlit on Steam. Here's the second trailer:

And here's the first trailer:

That's all the trailers.

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