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Alien: Isolation Screenshots Show More Clues

Ash, can you hear me?

A new collection of screenshots for Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation have appeared. Aliens, corridors, tools, and is that the chewed up remains of a Synthetic who's been dragged across the floor?

So what can we learn from these? Well, it looks like there was - at least at some point - a Synthetic aboard your ship. He or she seems to have met the same fate of so many Synthetics in the Alien universe - ripped in two with white guts and sauce flobbing out all over the place.

We already knew that the alien was going to be faithfully modelled to Giger's designs, and that looks increasingly true here. Of course, what we've not heard from anyone (or at least, I've not yet noticed), is whether the game will focus on the same themes as Scott and Giger's original. Already clear is that this isn't aiming for the action romp of Cameron's Aliens, but rather the solitary terror of Scott's original - but does it also plan to pick up on original scriptwriter O'Bannon's exploration of male fears of sex, birth and rape? I'm going to guess probably not, although the core themes of orally invasive face huggers, stomach bursting births, and the ludicrously phallic nature of the alien design, does make it hard for the undertones not to be transferred across, no matter how intentionally.

Click on the pics to make them a bit bigger. And then rip you in two.

Cheers to Gamefreaks who spotted these new pics.

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