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GOG's Summer Sale kicks off with Alien Isolation going DRM-free at 75% off

Point’n’click horror game Sanitarium is also the first of several free games up for grabs

CD Projekt have thrown the doors open on the GOG Summer Sale today, and hiding in plain sight is Creative Assembly’s space survival horror Alien: Isolation. The scary stealth ‘em up is the first of a series of games published by Sega that are going DRM-free on GOG. Two Point Hospital and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – Anniversary Edition will be joining the store at an unspecified date too.

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CDP say more Sega-published games will be announced on the GOG storefront “in the coming weeks”. While you’re waiting for more about those, though, you can nab Sanitarium for free until June 8th, when it’ll be replaced by summat else going for nowt. The classic psychological horror point’n’click adventure is one of five games being given away during the GOG Summer Sale. This year’s sale is themed around decades, presumably just to make me feel very old for remembering when Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade was released. Here are those collections in order:

Adam (RPS in Peace) said in his Alien: Isolation review that it was the best Alien game he’d ever played. Of course, we didn’t have Aliens: Fireteam Elite back in the hazy days of 2014. “Despite the repetition and what I consider to be a significant misstep in the third act of an otherwise efficiently scripted plot, Isolation deserves grand praise for making the alien… alien again,” he said. “It hasn't been this frightening, animalistic and mysterious since its first appearance, and nor has it been part of a world that cocoons and nurtures its dread so effectively.”

Alien: Isolation is on GOG now at a 75% discount. You can check out what else is part of the Summer Sale, which runs through June 27th, here.

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