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Alien: Isolation is 95 percent off for Alien Day

Yes, it was aliens

Alien Day was actually yesterday—chosen as April 26th because in our backwards American date system 4/26 lines up with the designation for the moon LV-426 where the xenomorphs were discovered in yon olde 70s horror movie. As a tasty treat with oh so many teeth, Alien: Isolation is still on big discount today. You can snag it for just £1.50/$2 until 6pm BST tomorrow, April 28th.

Would ya lookit that, Isolation is on our list of best horror games and, despite involving technically more first-person hiding than shooting, also best FPS games. Adam Smith (RPS in pieces) says Isolation is "a superbly detailed trip into the world that Ridley Scott and his team brought to the screen three and a half decades ago." He speaks highly of its equal handling of Ripley's search for answers about her mother and the larger picture of a declining corporation.

It's still pretty dang difficult though. "Isolation is an unforgiving game. Unfair even. The alien will kill you, again and again and again. Progress can be slow and sometimes altering your tactics and using every tool at your disposal will seem pointless."

Well, if that doesn't sound too grim for your taste right about now, you're in luck! At time of posting, you've got 22ish hours to snap up the xenomorph hide 'n seek 'em up on Steam for the horrifyingly low price of £1.50/$2. The sale ends at 6pm BST on Tuesday, April 28th.

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