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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is Doing Awfully Well

Czech this out.

Warhorse pitched an ambitious project. Kingdom Come: Deliverance wants to be Skyrim meets The Witcher, but without all the pretend stuff like dragons. NO DRAGONS?! you cry in fear and rage. No, but it's okay, because there are just so many swords. This ultro-historical epic comes from a Czech team of super-developers, they behind things like Mafia and ARMA, and they say things like, "Combat is calculated entirely with inverse kinematics, so it’s not even animated."

It's working. So far Deliverance has made well over half a million pounds, and they only asked for £300,000. What are people doing?! They've gone mad! But give give give we all are, and there's now a new video explaining more about the game's world.

Oh my goodness, I'm not going to mess with Warhorse. This man could bite me in two, and he's got a bloody pitbull with him to chew on my remains.

Footage of the game itself begins appearing around two and a half minutes in. And coo, pretty!

There are still 20 days to go, and I don't doubt for a moment that they'll meet their £1m top stretch goal. They're going to ding their £600,000 goal very soon, which means they're going to add in a new playable character, this time a woman, who it seems will be temporarily played in a series of quests that involve the rescue the main male character. Or perhaps rescues him, then goes off and does her own thing. It's not yet clear.

If you want to find out more, and it does seem that you ought, you can read Nathan's epic coverage of the game so far.

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