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Get modieval with Kingdom Come: Deliverance's editing tools

Change the course of history

I’m willing to bet that 100% of the people reading this have made no impact on medieval society. But now you’re thinking about it, aren’t you? The idea is settling into your brain, like a pre-medicine parasite bedding down in your grey matter. Don’t panic! I didn’t incept you for no reason, but instead to get you thinking about what you could make with Kingdom Come: Deliverance's just-released mod tools. The Bohemian landscape, its people, and its intrigue are now yours to manipulate, with a surprisingly large modding package from developers Warhorse Studios.

Here's a peek.

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It's now up on Nexus. I'd be willing to bet there's not much left on in their "Secret development tools! Do not delete! That means you, Claude!" folder on their servers. Skald is Warhorse’s text organiser, enabling the creation of quests, journals, objectives, and chat. There’s a flow-chart editor that lets you give NPCs routines to follow. They’re also including a bespoke version of CryEngine that includes a dozen different tools and extensions.

You can get all Time Team on the game as well, as they’re releasing the raw data to show you how everything came together, which means you can easily tweak previous content as you get to grips with the various elements. Or if you want to dive recklessly in, the documentation is also hosted on Nexus.

Finally, my dream of dropping a 1990s valley girl into ancient Bohemia can be realised! Those chore-demanding jerks at the Sasau Monestasry won't know what's hit them.

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