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Shadowrun Returns Not Quite Returning Just Yet


Much as I thought last year's opening salvo pulled a few too many punches and didn't offer anything like enough freedom of choice/movement, I could really go for some Shadowrun about now. Offbeat world, reasonably strategic battles, option to be a bit of dick to everyone... Take me, cyberpunk/fantasy roleplaying mashup, I'm yours. Sadly plans for first official expansion Dragonfall to launch this month have been nixed, though a more concrete release date of February 27th has been pinned to it. I'll probably have changed my mind about wanting to play it by then. I'll probably want to play something with horses or chefs or chefs on horses in instead.

Anyway: trailer, features, exaggerated descriptions below.

That's some Shadowrun alright. The main draw for me here is not the New Berlin setting (I wasn't previously familiar with the Shadowrun setting, as I wasn't allowed a console when I was a wee one, so this means nothing to me, oh New Vienna), but suggestion that this new campaign will be more open and flexible than the A-B of the main game's. This suggestion, specifically: "operating out of an offbeat central hub neighborhood, you’ll choose which missions to accept and how you’ll approach them while navigating the dark underbelly of “the Flux”."

Also, the new Save Anywhere system is going to salve a lot of wounds. Many Kickstarted games seem to think they can do away with user-controllable save systems - I wonder why that is? Anyway, the new thinger will be retroactively patched into existing copies of Shadowrun Returns too - no Dragonfall purchase necessary.

Again, February 27th for this, and you can preorder it via Steam if you so wish, you big silly.

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