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Distract the kids this Cyber Monday with Shadowrun's old live-action promo


Much as wee Christmaseers watch The Snowman instead of Bad Santa, and diddy Star Warries watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars instead of The Star Wars Christmas Special, minuscule cyberpunks have something short and colourful to suit their attention spans as we celebrate Cyber Monday. FASA, the company behind Shadowrun (best known on PC for the crowdfunded Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Hong Kong) made a live-action short film to promote the cyberpunk fantasy tabletop RPG. The four-minute vid has everything a child wants on Cyber Monday: colours; costumes; CGI sequences set inside a computer; and no difficult plot to follow. That'll get the kiddywinkles out our vertical hair for a few minutes.

(Ta to "FlenceburgExile" to uploading A Night's Work to the datanet.)

I am reminded of that every few years and: amazing.

Some people grump that cyberpunk is an ethos, not an aesthetic. To that I say: okay, yes, I agree, but I can agree while still enjoying goofy cyberpunk #aesthetic stuff for itself. I still think Deus Ex: Mankind Divided should have used Tomorrow People. Billy Idol wuz robbed.

It'd be more of a stretch to connect this old Sega Mega Drive commercial (featuring Spudgun off Bottom) to a PC games site but, like, Sonic and all that are now legally on PC too? Yeah, that'll do. Gimme the Cyber Razor Cut.

You should set that one to loop because cyberlord knows the kids will want to see it over and over and over.

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