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Don't Mention It: Germany At War Demo

War Trials

There are several reason contributing to the fact that wargames have remained a niche hobby while comic books and Dungeons & Dragons have stealthily infiltrated the mainstream. Look at the image in this link. Perhaps your reaction is to spit axle grease into your hands, rub them together and wrestle with the hexes and stats immediately. Or maybe you think the whole thing looks like a particularly unpleasant piece of history/mathematics homework. The fact that publisher Matrix lists Germany At War as "Complexity - Basic" is one of the key reasons that wargames are in a niche. They think that basic training involves holding your breath underwater for two hours while completing an extremely difficult Sudoku. It doesn't help that they're pricey and rarely have demos, but Germany At war now has a trial version. So jump in and measure the complexity.

The Flare Path has encountered Germany At War before now (many times, I expect) and those words may help where I cannot. I'm sure my time will come to conduct a war with Germany but that time is not now.

Here's a feature list:

Easy-to-use but realistic combat, movement and logistics system
Realistic map and time scales
Ground and Air units as well as specialized unit types such as Engineer and Reconnaissance battalions
Different unit sizes fully modelled and viable, from Tiger Battalions to Infantry Divisions
Wide variety of support units and realistic historical upgrades for each unit type as units earn experience
Historical equipment base on historical availability
Dynamic branching campaign system with player decisions, choose the main German axis of attack after the battle of Smolensk.
Interesting and innovative mission objectives make each scenario unique
In-Game scenario events like bridge destruction, reinforcements based on player actions, news from other fronts, etc.
PBEM++ play via server
Balanced Stand-alone scenarios suitable for head to head play and as either side
Scenario Editor
4 Campaigns

I do love a dynamic branching campaign.

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