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Captain Astronaut Unites Monkey Island... StarCraft?

A strange child

"Golly jee," I said to myself when I first came across Captain Astronaut's Last Hurrah, "those sure are some pretty video picture portraits graph-o-grams. I sure would like to--" AND STOP. Did I then say, a) "point-and-click adventure through it," b) "do some rad kickflips over its majestic creatures," or c) "play a StarCraft-inspired RTS on top of it with... is that jelly? I can't tell if... what?" Well, I said b), but the reality of the game is c). The mixture is a bit strange, but it's certainly novel and perhaps promising?

I can't really see exactly where StarCraft enters the picture, though I imagine it's somewhere in the line-drawing/defense mechanic. Here's what the developers are saying for now:

"Captain Astronaut's Last Hurrah is a bittersweet story about an injured child's trek across a beautifully painted alien world. His survival depends on the ability to wield swarms of sparks in fast paced, strategic battles against the world itself."

"It's a point-and-click adventure with real-time strategy action instead of puzzles. Inspired by terrifying 1980's children's movies, it's like playing the love child of Starcraft and Monkey Island while watching The NeverEnding Story."

It certainly looks interesting, if rather minimal once push comes to colorful bubble battle. I would very much like to play it, and play it I shall, you know, eventually. Captain Astronaut - whose parents really didn't want him leaving the family business - will be out sometime in 2014.

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