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A CryEngine RPG, Because Those Are Words People Like

Cradle crush saga

This is a game called Cradle, but not this game called Cradle. That's going to cause issues, isn't it? Perhaps the various developers should have a cradle off. Each of them is given a screaming baby to hold, and whichever one sees the child's damnable wailing cease first gets to call their videogame 'Cradle.' I'm like a latter-day King Solomon, me.

The Cradle I'm posting about here is an RPG built in CryEngine, and currently singing for its $350,000 supper on Kickstarter, with $60k-ish in hand already. While it has something on an unproven team behind it, it is both rather pretty and making the kind of bold promises that people sit up and pay attention to. "Making sure that player agency is at the heart of gameplay," for instance. Buzzzzzzzzz!

There you go, then. As well as the pritty graffix, its big claim is a "new type of fast paced melee-combat that will force you to rely on your wits", and which has much to do with locational damage and appropriate sword postures. You'll want to read the combat section here before watching the below if you want any sense of what's going on.

There's also stuff like "Maintaining your health and stamina in Cradle will require exploration. You will need to forage for plants and herbs to make life saving salves." Jolly good stuff, on paper, but it does look and sound an extremely tall order to do well for $350k, and for such a young, non-established team. The devs try to head such concerns off at the pass in the 'note from the business manager' section of their KS page, but I maintain it's a tall order. Which means it'll only be all the more impressive if they pull it off.

Stage one is to hit their kickstarter goal. At the time of writing they've got $62,000/$350,000 with 21 days on the clock, so it's eminently do-able. Projected release date is Summer 2016.

Oh yeah, and they need to sort out that Two Games Named Cradle business too.

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