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Here's Looking At Yu(rt): New Cradle Footage

The new Cradle trailer has provoked some interesting responses in the RPS forbidden chatroom of mystery. John imagines it's what the Source Engine should look like by now, whereas I think it looks like a long lost game from the Stalker developers. This is on top of it previously putting me in mind of a happy Amnesia. I guess that's what happens when you make an adventure puzzle game set in a yurt on a futuristic Mongolian mountain. People scrabble around, looking for something familiar. The truth is that Cradle's its own thing, with a robot wearing a Groucho Marx mask, and this line of dialogue: "You have a flower vase instead of legs". More in the trailer below.

The IGF build I played had lots of drawer opening and crashed every five minutes, but it did look as pretty and detailed as this video. I seem to remember having to make a drink, so while the goal is to put together the robot you see at the opening of the trailer (please don't be a sexbot), there's also the sort of relaxing tent based activity you'd expect to find on top of a Mongolian mountain.

That gnarled, abandoned theme park is place of blocks and puzzles, but even then it retains a fanciful, even pretty, aesthetic. The collective at Flying Cafe for Semianimals has remarkable design skills.

Watch on YouTube

No release plans, but it has been Greenlit.

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