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Open-World Adventure Oddity Cradle Coming In July

Set in FutureMongolia

With its hoverbus flown across the Mongolian steppe by a mechanical grandpa, flowers to collect and examine, robotic woman whose legs are mysteriously replaced by a vase, and abandoned amusement park full of puzzles, Cradle [official site] is a big mystery to me, and one I'm keen to poke at. It's been a while since we last saw it, but thankfully the wait's almost over.

Ukrainian developers Flying Cafe for Semianimals have announced plans to launch the open-world explore-o-puzzle-thing on July 25th. It'll cost $12.99 (£8.50-ish).

Cradle's an odd game, about a chap and a mechanical woman who find themselves up in a yurt in Mongolia near a decrepit amusement park with no idea why. Part of what you need to do is find and repair her missing parts, because... that's what you do when you find someone in pieces. Both her and the grandpa have funky video faces, displaying the eyes of actors, which might make me want to throw the eerie things far across the hills. It looks to have a nice amount of minute interaction with objects, opening and poking and cutting and using, which I always like. Details will be hidden around to help put the story together too.

If that paragraph reads like a stilted summary scraped together from a handful of details, that's because it is.

Here's the latest video, showing bits of characters and the game as it chats with the voice actors (yes, it will have an English version too), but do check out the first two gameplay videos to see some fine poking around.

Cover image for YouTube video

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