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Color: A Browser Game About Headshotting Colours

Triadic is the worst

Sometimes a browser game comes along that just seems to swallow me and everyone I know. Quick to play, a challenge which measures some gaming-unrelated skill, the kind of thing you want to brag about and don't feel bad about recommending. The last one was GeoGuessr, the game of geographic trivia. The new one is Color, the game of ffs-am-I-blind-or-something. It's only a colour matching game, but it consumed my evening.

The game was designed for Method of Action, a website intent on teaching "design for programmers". In other words, design for people who maybe don't think of themselves as designers. As part of that course, they're including three games. I've played two of them previously, and they're excellent as well: Kerntype, in which you must correctly balance the spacing between letters within a font; and Shape Type, in which you drag the edges of letters to perfect their form. These are both compulsive score challenges that I've played too much of while working other jobs.

But Color is new to me and it's the one I've been playing while I'm supposed to be working this job. It starts off simply, challenging you to match the hue of a displayed colour by picking from a simple colour wheel. Then it asks you to do the same with saturation and expands the colour wheel. Later you'll be matching multiple colours at once, while unwittingly learning basic principles of colour theory.

Mainly though, you'll be getting a score which you can then send to your friend alongside a link to the game. It'll only take you a few minutes to play, but it'll take you the whole day to stop playing. As demonstrated by comrade Philippa Warr's rapid descent into livestream madness as she attempts to one-hundred percent the game. Twist ending!

I say that the skill it measures isn't game-like because it relates to the real world, but it occurs to me that it's basically about headshotting colours. I'll make that the title of this post, I think.

Go play. It even has a colour-blind mode.

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