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Whale, It Was Nice Knowing You: Windforge Out In March

I wonder if all the birds live under water

One of my favorite elements of Dishonored was its plague-infested whalepunk world. By videogame standards, I thought it was a refreshingly weird place, a rot-tinged breath of fresh air burning in my nostrils. But man, it looks downright tame in comparison to Windforge, in which there are flying whales and you mine them hollow and turn them into desecrated flesh vessels to pilot on your journeys. Well, that's if you're a jerk, anyway. These sky whales are on the brink of extinction, so technically you're trying to find an alternate fuel source. Also, there is crazy Bionic-Commando-style swinging action, shooting ripped straight from Contra's cold, dead hands, and tons of crafting. It looks like total madness, and it'll be out in March.

The Terraria-ish whalescroller ran the dual gauntlets of both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight en route to release. Come March 7th, we'll find out if it was all worthwhile or not. (Hint: I hope it was.)

For now, though, there is a DRM-free pre-release version that you'll gain immediate access to if you pre-order. It's not complete yet, obviously, but developer Snowed In will be updating until release day.

So, who's ready to heartlessly drill some whales? Is it you? Are you a bad enough dude (or non-dude) to drill a bifurcating hole through the whale president?

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