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Building A Sky Caper: Windforge

Skyscraper is an odd word. Natural, perhaps, that it came into use but extremely strange that it's now a standardised part of the lexicon. It's as if the common term for a mine was a landwounder or, for a dam, riverblocker. Except those are more literal. There's a poetry to skyscraper, so how about calling an oil rig a seaspoiler or a turbine a windwrestler? That brings us, not so neatly, to Windforge, a side-scrolling crafting, fighting and exploration game that allows the player to build ships. Sky ships. It's then possible to ram those ships into things at high speed. Video awaits!

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Moving machinery of the vehicular variety could be a good feature to help stand out in the next herd of collect-and-craft games. The physics of flight will be more complex than shown here, with weight influencing handling and crew members available to hire. It will be possible to use all materials available for crafting buildings in the construction of mighty soaring boxes. Then, sensibly, drills will be attached to the prow and enemies will be torn into tiny plummeting pieces.

I'm hoping ships can set on fire and burn up, leading to an extinguish or evacuate situation. There are plans for poisonous gases and air filters, which could lead to panicked plunges into mountainsides, pilots choking and inexplicably jumping up and down on the spot, punching their planes into pulp in a weird attempt to dig their way to freedom.

Windforge is prepping its propellers for a late 2012 release. I'm intrigued but ss it too much to hope for ballooning?

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