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You Can Do What To Whales In Windforge?

Get ready to blubber

It's been more than a year since Adam first picked up the whiff of Windforge on the tradewinds. It's a 2D exploration game where you can craft anything then attach a balloon to it and call it a ship. Where you go from there and what you do is entirely up to you, which means I am intrigued. I thought I'd hunt it down: I took a great whiff of the air to attempt to triangulate its position. Big mistake. All I got was the whiff of rotting whale corpse and the urge to shout Europe at the sink. Explanatory trailer below.

Despite being in development for years, the game is still in the pre-alpha stage, so I'd imagine the jittery whale physics and odd animations can be attributed to that. The rest? That's purely down to whatever evil genius at the developers Snowed In had an angry run-in with a sky whale. Still, I'll give them points for recycling the corpse in an imaginative and environmentally friendly fashion. I just wouldn't want them as neighbours, that's all.

Just watch.

The developers are keen to point out that you'll never be forced to kill a whale, hollow out its corpse, and use it as a bus in the game. It's just an attention-grabbing video. Though there will be practical purposes to do so: when you kill one in game, the corpse will eventually fall out the sky. If it lands somewhere you don't approve of, you pretty much have to ride it out of there.

If this is the kind of thing you'd like to see on Steam, let them know. It has grappling hooks, so I'm sold.

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