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Out Of Exile: Banished Releasing In February

Sim Settlement

Things are going to get ugly in the intergalactic Milky-Way-orbiting RPS space pyramid when it's time to review splendid-looking city builder Banished. We've already divided into embittered, warlike factions in anticipation of the day we decide who'll do the honors. Those factions will, of course, splinter with time, rotting into sticky morasses of selfishness and treachery. The Smiths - made up of Adam, Graham, and Quinns' restless ghost - might be all buddy-buddy now, but even they will fall into disarray when push comes to shove. Mark my words. And that day will arrive... oh hey, in a few weeks. Banished is coming out in February. Wahey!

As of now, Banished is officially content complete, so developer Shining Rock has elected to pluck a release date from the ethers. The rather astounding (especially for a one-man project) game will be out on February 18th. It'll run you "around $20."

It's been a long road for Banished's creator, but the finish line is finally in sight.

"Testing progress has been slow over the holiday season, so the current build will be tested until release, checking everything I’ve touched in the last month and a half – the final tutorials, help system, and minor code and balancing tweaks. Just to be sure things are in working order."

"Ah, I remember when I quit my job and thought I could make a game in one year. It took three times as long, but it was definitely worth it, and the process was really satisfying!"

So there you have it. Prepare to banish friends, family, and other elements of your personal life. You've got tiny people to manage. And me, well, I still have a harrowing workplace conflict to prevail over. If I can turn The Mascots (Horace, Ian Cacodemon) against The Old Ones (John, Alec, Jim), then I'll have everyone right where I want them. And then, well... mwahahahaha [skitters off into space pyramid vents].

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