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Anno What You Want: More Banished Footage

A few months ago, Adam said he'd was keen to see more of Banished. LOOK OVER HERE, ADAM! Banished is a game of city-building, where you take a tribe of exiled folk and start over, and it looks absolutely charming. It's about what happens when you take the scale out of urban planning. You'll know the names and schedules of every little person pottering about your lovingly laid-out homestead. You'll watch them get up and go about their day. You'll mourn when Emile the Woodcutter is chopped down in his prime, but be glad that it's Arlyle who replaced him. The video below shows developer Luke Hodorowicz planning a town expansion with the magic of agriculture.

This is a pre-industrial world, so agriculture has an effect on everything. The initial goal of boosting the town is hidden under a pile of niggles that need to be smoothed out. He has to make firewood to trade for chickens, he needs to make more workers to grow the plums to make the plum ale that the tavern will sell. By the end of the video, when some of the crops were being attacked by an infestation, it was obvious that it wasn't going to be accomplished in the video. What a tease. Watch it and be lulled.

Cover image for YouTube video

Looks lovely, doesn't it? Though the developer should probably make the rain bit less grey: it's atmospheric, but it also makes me feel like I'm looking at the screen through a sack

Via PCG.

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