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Resi Evil 4 'Ultimate HD Edition' = Like A PC Game From 2007

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Or, at least, like a PC game from 2007 should have look. Sadly the 2007 PC port of what's widely considered Resident Evil's finest hour was a half-hearted, shonky, perfunctory thing, and today's announcement of an 'Ultimate HD' version should really be interpreted as an apology that's seven years too late rather than a cause for celebration. Capcom's new version promises a solid 60 frames per second, 'a complete visual overhaul' and the bestest graphics ever for a game originally released in 2005, and which has since been ported to every platform in the world ever and probably a few which don't exist yet too. Have a look below. It looks decent enough for sure, but yeah, it ain't hiding its 2007iness.

Here you go, see if you can spot that it's "fully optimized for the wide screen, texts have been sharpened and textures have been upgraded on characters, backgrounds and in-game objects":

In quite an unusual turn of events for the notoriously PC-shy Capcom, for now this is strictly and specifically a PC game, carrying the usual Steam trappings, though there'll be a disc-based version too. How quaint. I have no doubt that RE4UHE will make its way to Next Jennifer consoles too, if there proves to be enough of an appetite.

You can pre-purchase here if you're a nutter, but if I were you I'd wait to hear whether or not it really is as buffed up and technically solid as is claimed. Fool us once, etc.

In any case, it's out on February 28th and will cost £15/$20. Now, can Namco do this for Dark Souls, please?

I played Resi 4 on the GameCube back in the day - pretty good, I thought, especially the impressively stressful and sinister opening sections in not-Spain, though I'm slightly bemused by the people who maintain to this day that it is the greatest thing ever and forever. Don't they remember the mad evil dwarf bit?

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