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Fight chainsaw-wielding Shrek in this Resident Evil 4 demo mod

A shrektacular view

Modders are having fun with Resident Evil 4's Chainsaw demo. Earlier in the week, they replaced Leon’s gun and knife combo with a banana and a spoon - optimal zombie-slaying tools, but now some more, err, drastic mods have been created for the horror action revival. By drastic, I mean modder IvenXIII has replaced the chainsaw-wielding Salvador with Shrek.

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I don’t have the heart to roundhouse kick my beloved childhood hero myself, but thankfully this video shows the battle in full. The loveable green ogre comes out swinging in a swamped battlefield, indiscriminately whacking his friends in an attempt to slice Leon. The fight gets pretty ogrewhelming as Shrek’s face is covered in dirt by the end - I’m guessing this isn’t the mud bath he’s used to. Regardless, he’s just as dazzled by the ringing bells as the rest of the villagers. For the full release, I’m hoping modders replace the Gigantes with a tag-teaming Fiona and Shrek duo, bringing this storyline full circle.

I was delighted to find that Shrek has his own tag here at RPS. There are only two posts, both detailing Graham’s experience watching the entirety of the first flick… through a desktop wallpaper. After watching the animated classic for 81 days, Graham found Shrek to be a surprisingly earnest romp, although all good things must come to an end. I’m more fond of Shrek 2’s musical thrill-ride thanks to the fairy godmother’s all-time classic rendition of I Need A Hero - plus, it’s a genuine tearjerker.

Anyway, other fun RE4 demo mods let you play the game as GTA San Andreas’ blocky protag CJ, or you can replace Leon’s handy knife with a full-on chainsaw, which I’m guessing will make the animations clip through models in crazy ways.

Resident Evil 4’s demo is still available for free, and if you’re tough enough, there’s a secret Mad Chainsaw mode that ratchets up the difficulty to “Extreme.” The full game releases on March 24th.

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