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Resident Evil 4's demo mods include banana guns and panda Leons

Give the village a bit of pizazz

Resident Evil 4's Chainsaw demo dropped last week, offering an early section of the game with zero time limit and lots of villagers who'd like to add your guts to their dinner. Modders have since taken to the demo, making it more in line with their, err, tastes. Turns out they like potassium served with spoons.

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Thanks to modder Stevebg23, Leon's gun is replaced by a banana and his knife, a spoon. The banana, interestingly, is peeled. While Leon still kills Resi 4's poor zombies with the potassium stick, could it also suggest that Leon offers them a bite to eat before he drops them? Is it a metaphor for Leon's kindness, perhaps? Also, the banana itself must be structurally tougher than most, to withstand such vigorous shakes. Much to think about here. Oh, and the spoon, yeah it's a proper large one which you'd use to heap large amounts of couscous - or similar steamed granules - onto plates or bowls. Therefore, I bet it's quite heavy and as dangerous as a knife.

There's also another mod that transforms Leon into a panda. Now, you can experience Resi 4's demo from the perspective of Panda from Tekken!

And for the thirsty among us, there's a mod that makes Leon shirtless, showing off the bloke's washboard abs and mighty pectorals. He might be stacked, and you might be happy about it, but surely he's going to get cold?

I'd like to see someone slap these mods on and attempt the demo's secret Mad Chainsaw Mode which ups the difficulty to "Extreme". Maybe a banana and spoon will help calm the nerves.

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