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Resident Evil Code Veronica and 0 remakes are rumoured to be in development at Capcom

Boulder punching enthusiasts said to be devastated

Resident Evil 4's Leon Kennedy holds a banana instead of a gun, thanks to a mod.
Image credit: Capcom

Resident Evils Code Veronica and 0 will be the next entries in the survival horror series to get the remake treatment, according to rumours. “A remake of Resident Evil Zero & Code Veronica in development right now,” claimed user Dusk Golem on Le Epic Musk Zone. The claim was casually corroborated by trustworthy sort Andy Robinson of VGC. Note the wording here, which suggests a bundle package of sorts, similar to the rumoured original plan for the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.

So, there’s the facts, such as they are. But what do I, the discerning muncher of herbs found growing from the putrified innards of unholy kill dogs, think of such fanciful speculation? I’m glad I asked! If we take for granted that Capcom are going to have some form of Resi remake cooking from now until the great fraying of Shinji Mikami’s baseball caps, then….sure? Resident Evil 0 never struck me as an especially well-regarded entry, but Code Veronica seems as sensible a candidate as any. After Resident Evil 4’s post-credit happenings, I had assumed Resident Evil 5 would be up next. Still, Veronica does offer some context for marauding beefster Chris Redfield’s journey, years before he would shoot Ethan Winters' wife in the face and refuse to elaborate for absolutely no reason.

My high-level take here is that, awful terrible no-good Resident Evil 3 remake aside, I would trust Capcom with my heart medication, accepting the irony that I only require such medication because of how heartbreakingly shite the Resident Evil 3 remake was.

If you’ve already gorged yourself on the available Resident Evil back catalogue, fear not! It’s been a bumper few years for indie survival horror titles. Most recently Crow Country, which Alice Bee reckons is “a well-observed love letter to the genre with great attention to detail all over the place.”

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