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Resident Evil 4 mod adds the remake’s cool-as-hell knife parry to the original game


Leon parries Dr. Salvador's chainsaw blades using his knife in the Resident Evil 4 remake
Image credit: Capcom

This year’s Resident Evil 4 remake marked an incredible return for one of the greatest games of all time, turning the best game of 2005 into (probably) the best game of 2023 (so far, anyway).

While RE4 Remake was a highly faithful reimagining of 2005’s Leon Kennedy: Village Wrecker, it also introduced a ton of excellent new features, from small things like improvements to escorting Ashley around (no health bar!) to bigger, game-changing additions.

Easily among the best of the best was the Remake’s introduction of a proper parrying system to RE4’s existing knife melee combat, allowing Leon to knock crossbow bolts and lobbed axes out of the air, as well as deflecting swipes of blades and even chainsaws close-up.

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If you wondered how the original Resident Evil 4 might’ve played with that same parry system, wonder no longer; thanks to a couple of modders, you can now add the modernised parry system of Remake to the PC release for the original 2005 game.

As demonstrated in this video from modder qingsheng, the Remake counterattack mod works just like it does in this year’s remake, allowing mid-noughties Leon to bat incoming projectiles out of the air like his twenties-something descendant.

The parry change is part of a wider-ranging mod tool for OG RE4, which released earlier this year and was spotted recently by PC Gamer. The RE4 UHD Trainer includes a bevy of features from an unlocked camera during cutscenes to alternate costumes for Leon and Ashley, god mode options such as unlocks, infinite ammo and invincibility, a permanently expanded inventory, and the ability to use weapons that were previously exclusive to the Mercenaries mode in the normal campaign.

Watch on YouTube

Whether you want to totally change up Resident Evil as it was in 2005, or are just curious in seeing how the modern parry works in the older game (spoiler: it’s a lot of fun), the RE4 UHD Trainer and knife parry mod can be found over on NexusMods.

Of course, if you're happy sticking with the Remake for now, there's plenty of modding fun to be had in the new game, too - from banana guns to a terrifying chainsaw-wielding Shrek

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