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Resident Evil 4 remake weapon locations: Where to find every weapon

Where to pick up or purchase every weapon in Resident Evil 4

Where can you find all the weapons in Resident Evil 4? In true survival horror fashion, the Resident Evil 4 remake features an array of ranged and melee weapons, allowing you to mow down the infected hordes in whatever way feels most appropriate in any given moment. Building up your arsenal takes some work, however.

Even long-time Resi fans might find themselves at a loss in places, as our resident Resident Evil expert Liam tells me that weapon locations aren't all the same in the remake as they were in the original, and that some weapons you could simply buy back in 2005 now need to be looted from the appropriate location. Newcomers and grizzled zombie fighters alike will therefore benefit from a list of Resident Evil 4 remake weapon locations. Just like the one we've laid out below, as it happens.

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Resident Evil 4 remake weapon locations

The main ranged and melee weapons in the Resident Evil 4 remake can be obtained in the following ways:

Weapon Found in... Notes
Combat Knife Chapter 1 Starting melee weapon, owned by default
SG-09 R Pistol Chapter 1 Starting ranged weapon, owned by default
W-870 Shotgun Chapter 1 Upstairs in the only two-storey house in the village square, unlocked once the Chainsaw Man fight begins
Kitchen Knife Chapter 1 Inside the same barn in the farm where you find gears for the windmill puzzle
Red9 Pistol Chapter 4 On a shipwrecked boat in the middle of the lake
Boot Knife Chapter 7 Loot from the first enemy encountered in the Chapel
CQBR Assault Rifle Chapter 10 In a lockbox upstairs in the library (requires cubic device to unlock)
LE 5 Submachine Gun Chapter 13 Obtained by solving puzzle to gain access to freezer
Fighting Knife Chapter 14 Automatically looted from the boss at the end of the fight
Bolt Thrower Merchant Cost: 10,000 PTAS
TMP Submachine Gun Merchant Cost: 10,000 PTAS
SR M1903 Merchant Cost: 12,000 PTAS
Blacktail Pistol Merchant Cost: 24,000 PTAS
Riot Gun (Shotgun) Merchant Cost: 28,000 PTAS
Stingray Merchant Cost: 30,000 PTAS
Striker Shotgun Merchant Cost: 38,000 PTAS
Broken Butterfly Magnum Merchant Cost: 42,000 PTAS
Rocket Launcher Merchant Cost: 50,000 PTAS
Killer7 Magnum Merchant Cost: 77,700 PTAS
Punisher Handgun Merchant Cost: 5 Spinels
Matilda Handgun Merchant Cost: 10 Spinels

Additionally, several types of explosive weapons — hand grenades, heavy grenades, flash grenades, and attachable mines/bolts — can be picked up regularly as random loot drops, as well as being craftable after purchasing the appropriate recipe from the Merchant.

Resident Evil 4 remake bonus weapons

There are four special weapons in the Resident Evil 4 remake that can only be obtained by performing some kind of special feat. They are:

  • Infinite Rocket Launcher: In New Game+, available from the Merchant in exchange for 2,000,000 PTAS.
  • Primal Knife: Unlocked by finding all 16 Castellans. Bought from the bonus store for 1,000 CP.
  • Handcannon: Unlocked by completing the main story on Professional mode without using any bonus weapons. Bought from the bonus store for 1,000 CP.
  • Chicago Sweeper: Unlocked by completing the game on Professional mode and obtaining an A rank. Bought from the bonus store for 1,000 CP.

That's every weapon location and unlock condition in the Resident Evil 4 remake! Hopefully these will help make Leon and Ashley feel a little bit safer. For more Resident Evil 4 details, check out our guide to the locked drawer locations and contents in Resident Evil 4.

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