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Resident Evil 4 locked drawers locations and contents

What treasure lies within RE4make's locked boxes?

What is inside the locked drawers in Resident Evil 4? As you progress through Resident Evil 4, you'll have plenty of freedom to loot enemies and the environment for everything from ammo to treasure. But occasionally you'll be faced with a problem even one-man cheekbone army Leon S. Kennedy isn't immediately equipped to deal with: a locked drawer.

The problem of these drawers is twofold: how to unlock them, and what to expect to find inside once you get them open. On this page, we'll help you out with both.

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How to open locked drawers in Resident Evil 4

All locked drawers in Resident Evil 4 can be unlocked using small keys you'll occasionally collect as loot throughout the game. These small keys are all identical, meaning that you can use any small key to open any one of these drawers.

However, there's a catch: our early playthroughs suggest that there are fewer keys than drawers, leaving you with a decision to make as to which ones you leave unopened. There's no way to know the contents of these drawers from the information given to you within the game until you've opened them.

Luckily, we've scouted ahead for you, so if you don't mind some extremely minor spoilers, proceed to the next section to see which drawers contain what.

Resident Evil 4 locked drawer contents

Below is a list of every locked drawer we've found so far in the Resident Evil 4 remake, along with its contents:

Drawer location Drawer contents
House to the left as you enter the village Vintage Compass
Underneath the merchant's static location near the lake Pocket Watch
Illumados box in the caves near the merchant Splendid Bangle
Lakeside Illumados box Pearl Bangle
Lakeside settlement Gold Bar
Church (save room) Yellow Diamond
Farm Illumados box Antique Pipe
Illumados checkpoint Elegant Headdress
Room where you meet Ada Brass Pocket Watch

As you can see, locked drawers and boxes tend to contain treasures and gems. There's nothing mission critical in them, so you can skip the whole lot if you like; but any items you do pick up can be traded to the merchant for a healthy boost to your finances.

That's all on the subject of Resident Evil 4 and the mystery of the locked drawers. If you were hoping for some more immediately practical goodies, you might like our guide to all Resident Evil 4 remake weapon locations.

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