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LD28 Winner One Take Still Great, Getting Full Version

A second chance

Game jams are marvelous things, truly. Constraints breed creativity, and the end result is a flood of (mostly interesting) games. Only problem is, even the standouts are typically itsy bitsy bundles of bits and bytes, mewling baby concepts rather than fully grown experiences. But some go on to do greater things. The most well-known recent example is Ludum Dare 26 darling Gods Will Be Watching, and now Ludum Dare 28 winner One Take is looking to follow in its footsteps. Adam quite liked the original version, and having played it I can see why.

For the uninitiated, One Take puts you behind the ever-rolling camera of multiple major motion pictures. You're tasked with following the director's orders to a tee, lest you make a big-budget flick look like one of my Vines. It's a quick, clever conceit that makes for a number of humorous moments. But there's still tons of room to grow, and grow it shall. Developer Daniël Haazen explained to Gamasutra:

"I am working on a full version for PC right now. A lot of people have suggested making a port for iOS/Android. But I will make the PC version first, and when that is done I’ll look into the possibilities for a port."

Presumably, that means more locations, movies, objectives, and the like. I would also hope the levels end up lengthier and more multi-faceted too, given that I can't really see One Take's current structure lending itself well to a multi-hour playtime. Maybe the full version could incorporate more elements of film-making somehow?

For what it is, however, One Take: The First is still a fun, funny little thing. Give it a try here.

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