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Devolver Will Be Watching Over Gods Will Be Watching

Here is my drum. It is a good drum. When I beat it, it goes, "GODS WILL BE WATCHING IS SUPER GREAT. THE PROSPECT OF AN EXPANDED VERSION IS VERY EXCITING." A curiously specific percussive sound, yes, but one that I very much appreciate. Thus, I refuse to stop beating it until this Earth is naught but ash and dust. Or until the game comes out. Whichever happens first. Good news on that front, too: Devolver's jumped on board to sweeten the already crowdfunded pot. The harrowing, ethical-choice-based disaster survival (and puppy petting) sim will now receive double the final amount it makes on Indiegogo.

The publisher - whose increasingly interesting roster gleams with promise thanks to the likes of Hotline Miami 2 and Shadow Warrior - announced its support of Gods Will Be Watching on its website:

"Valencia-based indie developer Deconstructeam and rogue game publisher Devolver Digital have announced their partnership to release Gods Will Be Watching to PC and mobile platforms in Spring 2014."

"Through Indiegogo, the development team has raised nearly €20,000 for the full game and Devolver Digital is excited to announce that the publisher will match all funds raise through the end of the campaign to ensure Gods Will Be Watching reaches its full potential."

The expanded version will include scenarios ranging from coping with a deadly poison coursing through your veins to enduring 20 days of torture. Those and more come on top of the original struggle against a planet that wants to turn you and your team into diseased popsicles. Gods Will Be Watching is not a friendly game.

The original Ludum Dare submission, however, is a very good one. Here's hoping Decontructeam, Devolver, and viewers backers like you can combine forces and make something even greater. After all, there's no better way to feel truly alive than being forced to systematically stab all of your cohorts in the back while dying of cold and horrific illness. I want more. And also maybe the number of a good psychologist.

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