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Cyberpunk Social Engineering In Supercontinent Ltd

Fun phoney phonecalls

Social engineering is the bane of network security. Your firewall's layers of barriers, dummy vaults, and deadly black ICE might stymie even a super wizard class hacker but that doesn't matter if the wee scamp's able to phone up some fool and cadge the password with a few lies. That's the sort of datajacking which free game Supercontinent Ltd [official site] is interested in. You play a merc sent to gather intel on a criminal organisation in the grim cyberpunk future, only to find they don't use computers but some form of obsolete hardware called a... tell-o-phone?

Luckily, you've brought along voice-changing software (to bypass voice passwords, obviously). Once you've figured out which way up to hold the tell-o-phone, you can start trying to find out more about the shady Supercontinent Ltd by phoning its members. You're using social engineering to uncover a web of people, faking voices to find out who's in the organisation, getting more numbers to phone more people, gathering data to fake more voices, finding the right questions to ask, and slowly figuring out what's going on.

I dig it! I like the combination of juggling identities, finding out who'll say what to which people, and a few sly interactions with the office we've snuck into. It's pretty and sounds nice and all. A few lines are wonky but the devs are Spanish so I won't grump. I did get a bit confused at bored at one point, forgetting who knew what, but it turned around and I was glad I stuck around until the end.

You can download Supercontinent Ltd free from Itch. It was made by Gods Will Be Watching developers Deconstructeam in three days for the Ludum Dare 36 game jam.

Oh, and the most important part: you dial numbers by tapping numbers out on your keyboard yourself. That's always a treat in any game with keypads. Beep boop!

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