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Etherium Is An RTS, Like In The Old Days

A'commandin and a'conquerin'

A real-time strategy game, eh? [A bushy eyebrow raised cautiously, revealing a tired but interested eye.] We don't get many of your kind around these parts. Not since... [A silence. A stare towards the horizon.] Well, we don't like to talk about it. Those were hard times. Dark times. [Another silence. Another stare, this time at nothing, or at least nothing anyone else can see]. Anyway, used to be you couldn't move for RTSes. Tanks everywhere, all commandin' and a'conquerin'. Feels... feels like a lifetime ago. Were they better days? I don't rightly know. [A gnarled finger reaching up to a suddenly heavy-lidded eye, to wipe away - dust? A tear? A memory?] Different times, that's what they were.

[A sharp intake of breath, a straightening of the spine, a gleam in the eye.] Any road, here you are, an honest-to-god real time strategy game, stood right there in front of me. Etherium, they call you? Ah, you'll be one of those science fiction ones then, eh? All robots and deathrays, eh? [A hearty chuckle]. Well, don't just stand there, let's take a look at you.

[Another, even heartier chuckle.] Yes, yes, that's the kind of stuff they did. Somebody's still at it somewhere then, are they? 'Tindalos Interactive?' Can't say I've heard of 'em. Oh, French are they? Mayhap the dark times didn't hit 'em quite so hard over there. Not like... not like - no, no, no time to worry about that now. What else have you got, lad? Three factions, right you are. No-linear campaign, eh? Set across seven planets, some fancy dynamic weather system and [the kind of chuckle a giant would make; it feels as though your teeth will leave their gums] 'gigantic colossi of war several meters high.' Oh-ho, that takes me back, that does take me back.

Well, good luck to you, lad. You'll be needing it. It ain't like it used to be out there.

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