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Space Wars Are Go: Sci-Fi RTS Etherium Out Today

Zap zap pow

While some folks clamour for real-time strategy games, I'd quite fancy a spot of real time strategy, divorced from the laughable human 'linear' time. Show me everything, all of it, all at once, forever unfolding and forking down infinite paths. Show me how even one single move - or no moves! - will end in countless tragedies, let me become paralysed with indecision, realise only one moral move exists, and so let me stop the entire universe from even starting.

If you're one of those real-time strategy lot, though, hey, look: Etherium [official site] is out today.

Etherium sees three different factions going to war over the eponymous exotic resource in ye olde RTS way, harvesting it and building warthings to kill the other warthings. It does have a few tricks up its sleeve, with special 'command skills' (or superpowers, or whatever your '90s RTS of choice called them), and weather like sandstorms and blizzards which affect battles and can be controlled in some ways.

That's the brief feature list roundup, and I'm told we'll have someone telling us Wot They Think about Etherium at some point.

Etherium is made by Tindalos Interactive, and will cost £24.99 on Steam when it arrives some time today. Here's the launch trailer:

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