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Has-Been-Cognita: Klei's Next Now 'Invisible, Inc'

See what they did there?

It's dangerous being an international master of espionage. In between all the hideously interesting intrigue, early exposure to crazy cool tech, and bottomless piles of hot, filthy sex that just happen wherever you are, there's all sorts of horrible stuff. You could, for instance, get captured and have your memories wiped, your entire identity brainwashed away as though merely gum on an old tennis shoe. I assume that's exactly what happened to Klei's espionage XCOM Incognita, which is now going by new alias Invisible, Inc for mysteeeeeeeeeerious reasons. I have inquired for further information, but for now we'll just have to make do with a new trailer and information on the Early Access alpha's latest major update.

The latest alpha update includes multiple major changes. There's now a meta game that lets you earn points whether you win or lose games. Points go toward unlocking new teams and choices, and will apparently be used for even more aspects of the game in the future. The newly rechristened turn-based sneaker also flows differently now, with corporations selected for infiltration at random rather than by players. Meanwhile, to the great relief of many fans, early game difficulty has been rebalanced, especially in terms of level generation and item stats.

Perhaps most interestingly, playing levels as non-lethally as possible now grants you a monetary reward. An entirely non-lethal run will yield 500 credits, and each kill costs you 100 credits. The idea is to incentivize stealthy play over more traditional turn-based tactical combat. Makes sense too, given that the game's sort of called Invisible, Inc now.

Has anyone been playing the Early Access version of this game? What do you think? It hasn't been getting as much chatter as Don't Starve did back in the day, but it's also a very different sort of game. Do you think Invisible, Inc has the potential to be equally great?

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