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If You Like Golf, A New Videogame About Golf Is Coming Out

Golf. Golf never changes.

It seems to me as though golf games have always looked the same across the various hardware generations, even though they clearly haven't. And not just in the sense of always featuring a man wearing bad trousers and standing on a lawn - I mean that these are the games where my eyes have most scaled and adapted to what the technology of the day offers, in the same way that my brain somehow knew to make me more attracted to 30-somethings once I became a 30-something and presumably/hopefully will do the same as I continue to age, right up until my prophesied death in 2742.

For a long time, golf games have seemed to look really, really good, because they don't need to spunk their graphics on high speed action and explosions and instead just need to focus on getting grass and trees right (and, to a lesser extent, trousers). From the PlayStation 1 and upwards, I've reliably gone "oh, that looks quite nice", without ever particularly wanting to play the thing. The same is true of The Golf Club. It looks exactly the same to me as do the last decade's worth of Tiger Woods games, even though it doesn't.

I don't know why I'm posting about a Golf Game. I think it's because it looks wherever the Bad Trouser Men are is warm and bright, whereas right now I'm cold and miserable and would part with quite some number of vital organs if it meant I could be somewhere sunny.

Anyway, The Golf Club is a next jennifer game about whacking a little white thing with a big silver thing, due out on PC, Sex Bone and Pay Attention For this Spring. HB Studios have made about a gazillion sports games, sometimes sub-contracted by EA but increasingly under their own steam. This one's very much their own baby. "The philosophy behind the game is to provide an accessible, high quality, social and customizable golf experience with minimal to zero loading times." It looks like this:

Which you'll agree looks exactly the same as this

and this

and this

and this

and this

I think you can see more detail on the soles of the shoes men in The Golf Club?

Also there's a course designer, like this:

More information here.

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