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Wolf It Down: Wolf Among Us Ep 2 Hits First Week Of Feb

Me Like Wolf (Among Us)

The internet was ready to huff-and-puff and blow Telltale's house down to find information on the next episode of their fable-inspired, Fables-derived adventure The Wolf Among Us. When a Reddit user created a popular thread to complain about the lack of information though, co-founder Kevin Bruner piped up with a rough release date. The second episode will hit during the first week of February.

Bruner was vague on the details of the what caused the delay, but is confident the same thing shouldn't happen again during the rest of the ongoing series. He did mirror the noises of the Wolfamongous players though, by saying that they are "very concerned about the long delay for this episode." So that's nice.

Wolf Among Us - or Wolfamongous, as it must be pronounced every time you type or say the words aloud - is a Telltale point-and-click adventure game in the mould of The Walking Dead. That means it contains precious few puzzles and no real inventory noodling, but plenty of character drama and a touch of quick-time events. The first episode was perhaps most remarkable for its art style, which painted its fantasy-infused noir New York in warm purples. The story involves the player controlling a modern take on the Big Bad Wolf as he investigates the murders of some of his fellow folklore characters, running into Snow White, the Magic Mirror and Grendel along the way. It's a bit like Mickey Spillane wrote a Disney film.

Adam liked it so much he wrote Wot He Thunk about it. Alec and I liked it so much we combined with Adam to form the Megazord of game criticism, and wrote an RPS Verdict of the first episode.

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