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C&C Renegade X Is Still Being Released On Its Release Date

Oh God I'll be 35 then

With official C&C games staggering dazedly around development limbo at the moment, our need for a tasty bit of NOD must instead be sated by the fan community. Renegade-X is a modders' ambitious and apparently impressive attempt to redo EA's ill-fated FPS-RTS spin-off Renegade, and it's been in the works for quite a while now. Last November brought news that a version 1 release would arrive on February 26th; today brings news that a version 1 release will arrive on February 26th. Er. Well, I suppose someone meeting a projected release date, especially in oft-unpredictable modland, is news of a sort. Anyway, it's a handy reminder for your diaries, plus there's an extensive new trailer to look at, showing plenty of in-game shootybangery.

Did you see the shooting? And the bangs? It's easy to miss. Try freeze-framing at 51 seconds in then enlarging the image by 216% and you might be able to see it.

Anyway, this looks pretty impressive. I'm probably too old and tired for it, but I might be tempted - a decade and a half ago, a first-person C&C was basically the most exciting idea I'd ever heard, and perhaps something of that easily-impressed, populist sci-fi-obsessed teenager still hides within me. (Though I'm pretty sure the release of The Phantom Menace delivered a fatal blow long ago).

Back in December, there was also this video demonstrating X's remaking of Renegade's Mesa map:

February 26th for this, which is also my birthday. What are you going to get me?

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