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What's better: Capturing enemy buildings, or hand grenades exploding on impact with enemies?

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Last time, you decided that upgrading cards is better than fast travel. I think the outcome is partially from a love of cards, and partially a dislike of the impact fast travel has had on game design. Can't deny it's convenient, mind. This week, I ask you to pick between taking things you want and something that should always have been ours. What's better: capturing enemy buildings, or hand grenades exploding on impact with enemies?

Capturing enemy buildings

Lovely base you've got there. Some real top-of-the-tech tree structures, eh? You must be able to field a dead fancy army, I bet. Not to mention your political power! Be a terrible shame if someone were to capture all these buildings. Then they'd have all the benefits without any of the hard work. A terrible shame. Say, shouldn't you go check out that small army amassing outside your other base? Deploy all your forces to crush them in a show of strength, yeah? No need to worry about this beautiful base. I'll take good care of it once it's mine.

A clear example from a classic: the Engineer unit in Command & Conquer, a squishy little guy who has no direct attack but can run into your buildings to heal them or your enemy's to take them over. Your Weapons Factory is now my Weapons Factory, and I can make your tanks. Thanks! Take over a building while a vehicle is parked there, and you yoink that too. Throw enough Engineers at a Construction Yard and you can build the enemy's entire tech tree.

When playing 4X and grand strategy games, I will always go for capturing over destroying. Sure, I could nuke your planet down to the bedrock from orbit, but I want all your neat stuff. This inevitably causes me problems with drawn-out careful conflicts then penalties from captured territory, and I will not stop. I refuse to play any other way. Hell, in Civ I've waged charm offensives and actual wars to capture single cities simply because I want one particular Wonder there. It always feels worth it, even when I know it wasn't. Mine now.

Capturing buildings is always a challenge to pull off but so powerful if you manage it. You gain the benefit of the building while they lose it. They spent precious time and resources on this building, so they're not only losing it, they've already lost whatever they might have invested in instead. You, in reverse, gain both this thing and whatever else you had built instead. You might gain access to units and bonuses that would've otherwise been unavailable to you, too. And it's cheeky. It's so cheeky. The cheekiest.

Hand grenades exploding on impact with enemies

It the hand grenade bounces off the level, then it detonates on a timer. But if it hits a soldier or tank or alien or helicopter or red barrel or sea monster or friendly critter that oh no somehow counts as an enemy or jeep or big alien dog or psychic energy being or cyberspace AI god or vampire or vampire hunter or bodyguard or mech or demon or skeleton or hoverbike or Frankenstein or really big skeleton or spaceship or Frankenstein's monster or otherdimensional god or mutant or tiny skeleton or bad guy? It explodes on impact.

That's just how it should be.

That's really, really how it should be.

But which is better?

A toughie. Hand grenades should be that way. They just should. Yet I adore stealing structures so much. I cannot decide. This is up to you. What do you think, reader dear?

Pick your winner, vote in the poll below, and make your case in the comments to convince others. We'll reconvene next week to see which thing stands triumphant—and continue the great contest.

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