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The Kingdoms Bundle Is Strategically Impressive

Many, many maps

The extent of my knowledge and understanding of strategy games is the breadth of smile they create on little Adam Smith's cherubic face. So glancing at Bundle Stars' Kingdoms Bundle, I could see a lovely, warm grin.

For £2.18 you get Europa Universalis III Complete, Europa Universalis: Rome Gold Edition, The King's Crusade, Hearts Of Iron III, Sword Of The Stars Complete Collection, and Magicka.

None is particularly new. Sword Of The Stars goes back as far as 2006, and most fall in around 2009. However, when it comes to games about maps, the passage of time is far less cruel. It strikes me, as someone who'd rather launch himself off a 30-storey building onto an upright stick to poke himself in the eye than play any of them, as a fairly impressive list of last generation's hardcore strategy games for a teeny price.

All the games unlock via Steam, and it appears to be a 95% discount. That's a lot of discount.

Bundle Stars have a couple of other new bundles running for the next fortnight, but they're rather more mixed bags. The Brutal Bundle stars off well with Tropico 4, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, and King's Bounty: Legions True Tactican Ultimate Pack, the variously drifts off with Port Royale 3, Dungeonbowl, Iron Sky: Invasion, Day One: Garry's Incident, Steel Storm: Complete Edition, Naval Warfare and Earth 2150 Trilogy. £3.64 for that lot.

The Outer Limits Bundle seems a touch weaker, with UFO Extraterrestrials Gold, Blades Of Time Limited Edition, Insane 2, Hydrophobia Prophecy, Race Injection, Warfare, Puzzle Kingdoms, Gumboy Tournament, Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold and Razor 2: Hidden Skies. Although eight games for £2.93

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