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EVE Online's Largest Battle To Be Marked By Ship Graveyard

Hang out there, read space poetry

Earlier this week, EVE Online's largest ever ship battle took place between two of the game's player-run factions. Around $300,000 worth of internet spaceships was destroyed. An EVE Online dev blog tells the story of the battle, breaks down the stats, and announces that the Bloodbath of B-R5RB will be commemorated in-game by a field of derelict ships.

The battle began when someone forgot to check the auto-renew box on their sovereignty payment, causing a region of space to slip out from one faction's control and another to try to claim it. By the end of the battle some 12 hours later, 75 Titans had been destroyed, and goods worth around 11 million ISK turned into spacedust. It's that latter figure which can be converted into roughly $300,000, via EVE Online's PLEX system.

Of those 75 Titans, 59 of them were lost by the N3/PL faction. That makes CFC/DTF the clear winners of the battle. This graph sums it up pretty well.

A graph.

The memorial CCP are building to commemorate the battle will be a kind of graveyard, with destroyed, derelict ships floating in space for all to visit. It's a fitting way to mark the battle, and in keeping with EVE Online's efforts to give player's actions real significance. The graveyard should be added during scheduled maintenance on January 31st.

There are a bunch more screenshots, graphs and links to reports through at the EVE devblog. Or just watch this astonishing footage from a neutral observer during the fight.

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